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Wellness for
your bike

A holiday trip can´t start more relaxed.
Your BMW, Ducati, MV Agusta and more motorcycles lashed to your transport vehicle in a few minutes?

Easy way to lash with eil-zurr:
  • Screw the eil-zurr into the hollow shaft
  • Loop over the eil-zurr tension belt at the ends
  • Tighten the eil-zurr tension belts evenly first at the front then at the rear.
  • Move your bike to check the tight hold
  • And let´s go! Your bike will love you
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Wellness for your bike

A short

eil-zurr® is a easy, safe and fast strap system for your bike.

Easy to assemble

Insert eil-zurr® into the hollow shaft on the left and right according to the installation instruction.

Easy to assemble
Screw eil-zurr®

Screw eil-zurr®

Screw both eil-zurr® halves clockwise and do not use any tools or aids.

Install belt straps

Thread the eil-zurr belt through and then tighten the belt.

Install belt straps
eil-zurr® loop belts

eil-zurr® loop belts

Tighten eil-zurr lashes first at the front then at the back with a ratchet. Please check that the motorbike is standing straight.

We guarantee the
perfect transport

With eil-zurr® you can tighten your bike very easy with a transport vehicle or a trailer.

  • consists of high-strenght aluminium
  • no compression of the suspension
  • relieves the load on the spring systems of the motorbike
  • no chafe marks on frame and fork
  • no damage to the cladding parts
  • easy,safe and fast lashing
  • eil-zurr® is Made in Germany
We guarantee the perfect transport

Our trade fairs
at a glance

You can convince yourself of all our eil-zurr products at our trade fairs

fair Period 2019
CMT 2019 | Die Urlaubsmesse 12.01.2019 - 20.01.2019
Motorrad Messe Friedrichshafen 25.01.2019 - 27.01.2019
IMOT München 15.02.2019 - 17.02.2019
Motorrad Messe Dortmund 28.02.2019 - 03.03.2019
BMW Niederlassung Stuttgart 06.04.2019
Glemseck 101 30.08.2019 - 01.09.2019